Beaded Pink Teardrop Hobnail Ornament

Beaded Pink Teardrop Hobnail Ornament

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Introducing our Beaded Pink Mercury Glass Teardrop Hobnail Ornament – a graceful addition to your holiday decor. This elegant ornament boasts a lustrous finish, catching and reflecting the festive glow of your surroundings. The delicate pink hue, enhanced by intricate hobnail detailing, adds a touch of sophistication to your seasonal display. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this teardrop ornament is adorned with shimmering beads, elevating its charm and creating a truly eye-catching piece. Hang it  on your Christmas tree or incorporate it into wreaths and garlands for a radiant and refined holiday aesthetic.

Dimensions: 6"H x 3.25"Diameter

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