Candy Lollipop Ornament

Candy Lollipop Ornament

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Clay Peppermint Swirl Lollipop Ornament, a delightful addition to your holiday decorations that brings a touch of sweetness and sparkle to your festivities. This charming ornament features a classic red and white peppermint swirl design, reminiscent of the iconic candy. The ornament is adorned with a dusting of glitter that shimmers and adds a magical touch to your holiday display.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, this clay ornament exudes the nostalgic charm of the holidays, and its durable construction ensures it can be treasured for years to come. Hang it on your Christmas tree, garland, or use it as a unique gift to bring joy to someone special.

Our Clay Peppermint Swirl Lollipop Ornament is the perfect blend of traditional holiday aesthetics and modern sparkle. It's a delightful reminder of sweet moments during the season. Add a dash of whimsy and glitter to your holiday decor by including this charming ornament. Order yours today and savor the sweetness of the season.

Dimensions: 5"H

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