Fall Gingo Leaf Spray

Fall Gingo Leaf Spray

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Bring the vibrant beauty of autumn into your home with our Artificial Fall Gingko Leaf Stem. Measuring a generous 39.25" in length and boasting an impressive 9" width, this lifelike stem is a striking addition to your seasonal décor. Each meticulously crafted gingko leaf captures the rich hues of fall, from warm yellows to deep oranges, and adds a touch of elegance to any arrangement.

Perfect for creating stunning centerpieces, wreaths, or adding a touch of fall to your existing floral displays, our Artificial Fall Gingko Leaf Stem offers all the charm of nature without the hassle of maintenance. Embrace the essence of autumn with this exquisite piece of artificial foliage.

Dimensions: 39.25"L x 9"W

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