Floral Stoneware Tea Holder

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Introducing the Floral Stoneware Tea Bag Holders, where functionality meets exquisite craftsmanship. These holders boasts individual hand-painted designs, each capturing the beauty of wildflowers in a delicate watercolor style.

Shaped like charming teapots, these holders add a touch of whimsy to your tea-drinking experience. One holder features a lovely array of pink flowers, another showcases a delightful mix of flowers and strawberries, while the third boasts the timeless elegance of daisies.

Crafted from durable stoneware, these tea bag holders are not only microwave and dishwasher safe but also food safe, ensuring both convenience and peace of mind during everyday use.

Measuring at a compact 4.50" x 3.50" x 0.50", they're perfectly sized to hold your tea bags while adding a decorative flair to your tabletop. Whether enjoying a morning cup of tea or hosting a tea party with friends, these charming holders are a must-have accessory.

Elevate your tea-drinking ritual with the Floral Stoneware Tea Bag Holder, where beauty, functionality, and convenience converge seamlessly.

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