Santa Wooden Ornament

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Santa Wooden Ornaments, a charming and versatile addition to your holiday decor. These ornaments are available in two distinct designs, each featuring Santa in a unique pose—one holding a wreath and the other holding a Christmas tree. Crafted from wood and complete with a metal hanger, these ornaments bring a touch of festive cheer to your Christmas tree, garland, or any other special place in your home.

Whether you prefer Santa's classic Christmas tree or his festive wreath, these ornaments add a dash of whimsy and tradition to your holiday display. Their timeless design and metal hanger make them a delightful choice for those who appreciate the timeless charm of Santa Claus during the holiday season. Order your Santa Wooden Ornaments today and let Santa's joyful presence enhance your festive celebrations.

Sold separately.

Dimensions: 2.25"L X 0.5"W X 6"H

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