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Flat Oval Wooden Nativity Ornament Assortment, a beautiful collection that encapsulates the heartwarming scenes of Baby Jesus in the manger and the Holy Family. Each ornament in this assortment is a timeless depiction of the Christmas story, making it a meaningful addition to your holiday decor.

These wooden ornaments are carefully crafted and come with a suede hanger adorned with wooden beads, adding an extra touch of rustic charm to your holiday display. This assortment includes both the serene portrayal of Baby Jesus in the manger and the Holy Family, offering a complete representation of the nativity scene.

The ornaments are perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree, garland, or around your home, evoking the spirit of the season and the timeless message of love, hope, and faith that Christmas represents.

Our Flat Oval Wooden Ornament Assortment is a heartfelt addition to your holiday decorations. Cherish the beauty and significance of the nativity story and adorn your home with these classic ornaments. Order yours today and let the spirit of Christmas shine brightly in your home.

Dimensions: 5.5"H X 3.25"W, 7.5" hanging

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