A Few of Our Favorite Things

Sometimes the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. Too many activities and things we "have" to do keep us from doing what we really "want" to do. How many years have I said, "I wish I did this..."

A great way to alleviate the holiday stress is for me to focus on things I love and make time to do them! What do you love to do in December? We thought we'd share with you "a few of our favorite things" during the Christmas season. (Again I ask, why is "My Favorite Things" a holiday song?!) 

Whatever gives your heart delight this holiday, we hope you find the time to do it. Whether you're singing Christmas songs loudly in your car or sitting quietly in front of your tree sipping hot cocoa, may you feel the warm embrace of Christmas.

And no matter what you do, we pray this season will bring joy to your heart.

Until next time, Much love to you--


PS--Here's a little holiday cheer from my home to yours!

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