How To Style A Shelf

Last month we shared with you how to style a tray. We had such a sweet response that we decided to do Styling Part Two: How To Style A Shelf. Whether it's a shelf on the wall or a large bookshelf, sometimes we just need some creative help! Thankfully, Rachel graciously gave me a master class in Shelf Styling 101, which I am now going to share with you!

  • Start with the biggest item and make it the focal point of your shelves. A general rule is to put the biggest item two thirds the way up the shelf--you want it to catch your attention and be where you look first! If you have three levels, put it on the middle shelf.
  • Fill each shelf at least two thirds full. (Do you see a pattern here!? 2/3 is a good rule of thumb!) Don't add too many things to the shelf. It's okay to have empty space.
  • Repeat textures, tones, and shapes throughout the shelves. In doing this, you'll achieve continuity throughout your shelves. As we frequently say, think about the story you're wanting to tell. For fall, your story might just be your love for pumpkins! By bringing the same textures and colors to each shelf, your story flows beautifully.
  • Match/stack books on your shelves to add height to smaller items. Don't forget to take the jackets off your books; generally the spine is a neutral color, making them blend together. 

After my master class with Rachel, I'm energized to go home and redo some shelves! (Poor Mike!) Oh! I forgot to tell you Rachel's number one tip: take everything off before you start. (Oh my! I just proofread this! I mean take everything off YOUR SHELVES!) By doing this, you've given yourself a clean slate to start your story. 

Finally, have fun! Pull similar items from your home and lay them out to see if they'll work. Take pictures of what you have so you'll know what you need. As always, we're happy to help you from start to finish.

So here's your challenge: think about a shelf in your home that needs a little pick me up. Clear it off and then go for it!!

Until next time, happy styling,



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    • loghomeshoppe


      Beautiful shelves and ideas ! You are an excellent person. Thanks for sharing your newfound knowledge.

    • Barbara P. Cross

      Coffe kenakalan

    • Martha Forrester

      Hey, Joy,

      Beautiful shelves! You are an excellent student. Thanks for sharing your newfound knowledge.

      Missing you and Rachel. I have been busy getting my house repaired from February’s ice damage (insurance delay) and traveling. Driving to Dallas area tomorrow and will return second week of October.I’m hoping to see you before Thanksgiving.

      Happy Fall, lovely ladies!


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