Creating Happiness In Your Home

Have you heard the saying, "Do what makes you happy?" What would that be in your life? Eating chocolate? Cleaning? Reading a book? Having a few moments of silence? Ok, maybe those are my answers! But seriously, when I think of what makes me happy around my home, I think of sitting at the table with family and friends, playing games, eating, and entertaining.

The season of entertaining is almost upon us! Before we know it, we’ll be joyfully handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, setting our tables for Thanksgiving, and wrapping Christmas presents. This week, however, we want to encourage you, before the holiday hustle sets in, to take some time to enjoy gathering around your table now with your loved ones. The best memories really are made when we gather together. 

Time together should be just that, a focus on being together. It’s easy to get caught up in all the details being perfect. (Remember the story of Mary & Martha in the Bible?) We want to help you make those details easy so you have plenty of time and energy to enjoy happy times with your friends and family. 

My friend, Annie, used to ask, "Why do I clean my whole house when everyone just congregates in the kitchen?" That's a fair question! If we're going to hang out in the kitchen, let's make it happy. And if we're all going to play games and snack at the table, let's have some good food! 

Charcuterie (pronounced shär-ˌkü-tə-ˈrē) boards are still topping the list of trends for easy entertaining. If you spend much time searching on Pinterest, you’ll find that some of these boards appear anything but easy. Let us help you take the guesswork out of putting your boards together with our favorite deck of recipe cards that come with beautiful photos & step-by-step instructions. We also have a great selection of boards in stock as well as tasty mustards, jams, and honeys to accompany your spread.

Semi-homemade is our favorite way to go. Make a couple of goodies, throw together a dip mix, then complete your meal with a Baja Burrito catering order, your favorite BBQ, or tasty treats from the grocery store bakery. A homemade touch is always great, but don’t let baking 48 dishes from scratch keep you from having the energy to enjoy your family at the celebration.

Happiness really does begin at home, and the best times are often when my home is full of love and laughter. What brings happiness to your home? When do you feel the most content? 

With our fall open house this weekend, we've got another reason to bring happiness into your home! It's officially time to transition to your fall colors, stems, and arrangements. Just seeing the fall colors and smell the fall candles makes my heart sing--this is definitely a way I like to add a little happiness to my home!

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  • Claudia

    Hi ~ Just wondering if you are phasing out the rectangular Pillow Swap designs. I hope not because there are several that I am looking for!

    Thanks, Claudia

  • Nanci Alsup

    I love my home! I want it to feel happy 24/7! I actually received the charcuterie board in this pic for Christmas and I love it. I, too, like to do some already made items and some homemade- to pick up quick and less expensive charcutie items, try Aldi’s. They have great choices that will not break the bank.

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