A New Twist to Spring Cleaning

Is it really spring time without a little spring cleaning? I don’t think so! I’m one of those people who enjoys spring cleaning and works best with a to-do list. I realize that not everyone loves spring cleaning, but have you ever thought of doing it for your home decor and flowers? Since I knew this blog was coming up, I went ahead and did a thorough cleaning out of my flowers and decor. I made a pile to sell and a pile to donate. The result: I have more space to buy more things!! 

Recycling Seasonal Decor

When is it time to say goodbye to your decor? Ask yourself these questions:


  • Are your flowers more than 3 years old? Even the best quality stems have a lifespan. 
  • Have your artificial flowers gotten dusty, yellow, or faded; perhaps your cat at your stems for a snack.
  • Have you used your flowers in the last 2 seasons? 



  • Do your lamps and frames need to be updated? Ask yourself, "If I saw these at a store, would I be inclined to purchase them?" If the answer is "no," then it's time to put them in your donation pile.

Sheets, Pillows, and Bedding:

  • Sheets-Are your sheets comfortable; do you get the best night sleep? Are they pilled or thread bare? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. If you're prone to overheating at night, we carry a great brand of bamboo sheets that have a cooling effect, moisture wicking, and will cause you to wake up happy in the morning! 
  • Pillows-Do your pillows look like they've seen better days, flattened and dirty? Are you wanting a new colors , shapes, or designs? Are they faded or no longer suite your style? 
  • Bedding-Is your bedding not the right color, style, or fabric? Does it feel outdated to you? Your bedding tends to either be overlooked or left last on your to do list. Perhaps you prioritize other spaces in your home, wanting the guest room to be extra special, only to neglect your own bedroom where you spend so much time. 

Kitchen Towels:

  • Do you still have towels from your wedding registry? Are they stained, torn, or worn out? Do you use the same ones over and over? Do they have that overused smell? 

Those were a lot of questions to answer. Since that might seem overwhelming, take one category at a time and work through it. Spring cleaning doesn't have to a drudgery, cleaning every corner of your home from the chandeliers to the woodwork. It can be a time to reflect on the things that make you smile in your home. Take some time to appreciate your home and all that it offers, and then add a new twist to your spring cleaning! 

Until next time, happy cleaning!


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