A Time To Laugh--Looking Forward To 2022

Recently I saw a quote that said, "The fact that 2021 is already over is proof that time also flies when you are NOT having fun." Natasha and I had a good chuckle over it but also agreed that we've had lots of fun, too! It's so easy to say it's been another bad year as we look at everything going on in the world, but I choose to see the good, the fun, and the happy.

If you've been around the store long enough, you'll know there's a lot of laughter going on here. Rachel, Natasha, and I went through our pictures from 2021 and found so many outtakes of us making each other laugh, fun antics, and me scaring Rachel (which, of course, is always fun!)

As a new year approaches, I always ponder a word for the year. Have you thought about what your word might be? Last year my word was "Faithful"--faithful to the Lord and aware of His faithfulness to me. It actually was a good choice for me, unlike the year I chose the word "unsettled" and my husband lost his job! That was a bad choice--it had good intentions and a spiritual meaning, but I laugh as I think about it now!

I'll give you time to choose your word for 2022; when you figure it out, you can comment and share with us! After you watch the video below, you might just choose the word "Laughter!" 

As we look forward to 2022, we look forward to more time spent with you, our dear friends, times to laugh, smile, cry, and encourage one another. We love you and pray God's best for you in 2022!!

Until next time, see you next year!


Without further ado--here's our review of 2021. Due to copyrights, you'll only hear us laugh (no music!!)


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