All The Holidays: Christmas

I've heard it said that people who change their decor every season are happier people. I'm not sure where that saying came from or its validity, but I'd like to think it's true. Case in point: we change seasons all the time at the store, and you know we're happy and crazy at the same time! 

Since we've already discussed Halloween and Thanksgiving in our blogs this month, let's conclude by sharing Christmas decor inspiration. And how perfect is it--today is October 25--TWO MONTHS til Christmas!! Woo hoo!!

How are you decorating your home for the holidays? Do you have a plan each year or do you like changing things up? While I've discovered I enjoy subtle changes each season, I love going all out for Christmas. I like seeing different ideas and then finding a way to make them fit for my home. Two years ago I completely changed my Christmas decor and loved it! Now I've seen some new ideas, and well...things just might look different this year! As always, it's your home: so do what makes your heart smile!

Today we want to share a few of our ideas to get your Christmas creativity flowing.


Set the scene with a festive tablescape.

Do you have a theme for your Christmas decor or do you have an eclectic collection of treasures you've gathered over time? Either way, your tabletop is a great way to tie everything together. 

For a more collected over time look, go with something classic on your table. Embrace the reds and greens. Layer up your place settings for texture and interest. Use coordinating napkins, runners, and/or placemats to tie everything together.

For a more elegant look, we love lining the center of the table with candles and greenery. Adorn each place setting with an elegant salad plate or a candle ring topped with a pretty ornament.

Add touch of magic to your shelves

One of my favorite ways to add happiness to my home is through unexpected decorating "moments." Tell a story on your bookshelves. Change out the books to Christmas classics. Nestle a little Santa, a cluster of trees, or even a few ornaments into you shelves to add the magic of the season everywhere you look.

Pile on the pillows

Is there really anything better than a cozy night watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa, and snuggling on the sofa? I can't think of many better ways to spend a chilly evening. Make those movie nights extra festive and cozy this year with layers of Christmas pillows and our softest throws. 

However you decorate for the season, we hope it will bring joy to your home! We're here to help. Swing by the store or browse our Christmas collection online beginning on November 6th to see all of our holiday favorites. 


Until next time,

Joy & Rachel


PS Save the date for our Annual Christmas Open House November 4th and 5th



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