Who's The Boss?

Since Boss Appreciation Day is this weekend, I thought it was only fitting to appreciate not only my boss but all the small business owners who deserve so much love, respect, and appreciation. We salute you! 

Have I ever shared with you how I started working for Rachel? I used to work at a sweet children's boutique, Lizards and Lace, with another great small business woman, Shannon. When the store closed, I literally prayed that if I was supposed to work again that someone would offer me a job! Days later I was at The Wreath Stand talking to Rachel, and as only the Lord would do, she said to me, "Hey, if you're ever looking for a job again, I'd love to have you!"

Done, I immediately said "yes!" Funny thing is, I didn't even know Rachel, but I knew it was an answered prayer. So when people ask why I drive all the way from Hendersonville to Nashville, it's an easy answer: I love working for Rachel, and it was a God-ordained relationship. 

What I LOVE About Rachel:

  • She puts up with me hiding fake mice in the backroom
  • She never knows what I'm going to say on Friday Favorites
  • She's easily scared-(I like to jump out and scare her!)

  • She laughs at my jokes
  • She loves my dog!
  • She's fun, creative, and teaches me new things
  • She's smart--I learn so many fun facts from her
  • She's kind and humble
  • Did I mention she's fun to scare?!

Ok, we definitely have a lot of fun over here at The Wreath Stand! Since I know Rachel isn't going to love a blog all about her, I'll finish by saying we love her, we're so thankful for her, and we're so proud of her!

Until next time ~love you, boss lady!


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