Broken Vessels

The cutest little boy came into our store recently with his mom and grandma. I heard them say several times,"Do NOT touch anything." Bless him--it was so hard to resist. It was like everything was shouting TOUCH ME to him! Finally, he could resist no longer and saw a vase that said "happy" on it. Like a slow motion scene, the vase crashed to the ground with no time to be caught in mid air. His precious face was so scared and his mommy was beside herself. The irony of something saying "happy" and crashing to the floor wasn't lost on me.

Being a mom who had two little boys, I understood the mom's mortification, and yet something made my heart so empathetic for him (probably because I was that kid who wanted to touch everything!) I told the sweet child over and over that it was okay, and I couldn't wait to try to glue all the pieces together.

In sincerity, I did try to glue it back together; it's actually fun to me! Perhaps it's the intrigue of super glue, or maybe it's the challenge that propels me. 

Unfortunately, the "happy" vase couldn't be salvaged.  However, like so many of life's the seemingly ordinary moments, this day stuck in my memory and left a lesson on my heart:

  • Super glue (or duct tape) doesn't fix all things.
  • Even when broken things can be repaired, the cracks never really go away and often can't be hidden. Those cracks and scars are forever a part of the broken vessel. 
  • Well-meant apologies are like super glue--they don't always fix broken hearts and hurt feelings.
  • We're all broken and in need of healing.

Here at the store damages are just a part of life. Accidents happen, things get scratched, and we all know that products shipped in cardboard boxes will never be 100% damage free. We want your purchase to be perfect so we never put out products in the store that don't meet our standards.

Here's the good news for you! We have a whole collection of these scratched, chipped and slightly damaged treasures, overstocks and some really nice pieces that have been discontinued. This Friday & Saturday we're bringing it all out for a Phenomenal Clearance Event! We're calling it our Lemons & Leftovers Event and can't wait to share the amazing deals with you. So set a reminder on your phone, tell your friends, and head this way in your SUV this weekend to take advantage of these great deals! Deals this good only come around once a year so don't miss out. 

Life is fragile; handle with care!



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  • Patricia Binkley

    Beautiful message!

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