Chalk Painting Adventures With Joy

Out of all the projects I do, chalk painting is by far my favorite. It's a fairly inexpensive way to make a huge change. Since so many of you have been purchasing our Southern Honey Chalk Paint for upcoming projects, I thought I'd share my chalk painting adventures.

You don't always have to tackle large pieces of furniture; you can do small projects with chalk paint and be very pleased. Think about different mirrors, lamps, and picture frames you have: if they don't match your room anymore, get some chalk paint and change them up!

When I got this mirror below (free at a yard sale!) it was a cream color. I painted the whole mirror a soft grey (Stella) to go with my decor at the time. After painting my wall a dark plum recently, I wanted the mirror to POP, so I added a white color (Minnie Pearl) and then distressed it with the darker (Baker) paint to add some dimension. 

Once you feel confident with the small projects, you're ready to move on to larger things. Here are some projects I've done in the past. My favorite thing to do is find not so great. When I found the coffee table that is now in my living room, it was scratched and dinged. Now it has found a new life in my home where my puppy thinks he can chew on it!


Here's a chair I found for $10, also in poor condition. I have the ability to see what something can become, so I chalk painted it in Barney and recovered the seat. I love it!


This rotating side table was another fun find. It was worn down, water stained, and had a strong odor. I was so pleased to find out that chalk paint can also cover up smells!

Rachel makes fun of me with this one--this table and chairs were left at a dumpster in perfect condition. I took them home, cleaned them, and chalk painted them in Baker.

And finally, below is one of my all time favorite projects. Here's the back story: Mike and I were newlyweds in 1990 with a very limited budget when we bought this oak table from neighbors. The table and chairs were 40 years old, painted green with bright green vinyl upholstery. We paid $40 and had a vision!! (Can you hear that "newlywed enthusiasm?") We were going to bond over this project and have so much fun. Full disclosure, this was the first large project I'd ever done. It was a humid 100 degrees in July in Illinois. I was cranky, hated it, and frankly Mike did most the work.  We (he) stripped the old paint and added a lovely natural finish. I vowed I'd never do a project again!

Fast forward a couple of decades--I was amazed to hear of a process that changed furniture without stripping, priming, and sanding. What a glorious day! Now I've changed the color of the chairs and table legs twice and reupholstered the chairs 6 times. The white distressed chairs with gray fabric are my favorite.



Well, that's enough adventuring for the day! I hope I haven't completely overwhelmed you! Here's a how-to video taking you through the entire chalk paint process:

Until next time, happy painting!



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