Creating a Happy Home

What makes you happy? Are there things that make you laugh? If it's true that laughter is the best medicine, then I should be a very healthy person! (In case we haven't met yet, I love laughing a LOT!) It's the silly things in life that make me laugh--like videos of people falling or someone getting scared. Don't even get me started on videos of people falling and getting scared, you'll hear me laughing from the other room!

We have this sign at our store...

Happiness is an inside job

"Happiness is an inside job." I like this sentiment. but sometimes it's hard, right? An inside job can mean working on things in our hearts and minds, and sometimes those are the hardest things to keep in check.

Above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.

Another way to think of happiness as an inside job is within our homes! And bringing happiness into our homes is a lot of fun. With the weather starting to get really hot, it's even more important to find happiness inside your home. For me... Happiness = An Air Conditioned Home! With this in mind, we want to share some ways to bring happiness into your home today.

3 Tips For Bringing Happy Into Your Home:

  • Add greenery and florals. The color green symbolizes life. Bring some life and happiness into your home with beautiful greenery or florals. Fresh is great, but it's not always practical so swing by and pick up some new greenery for that vase in your powder room or those sparse shelves in the bonus room. These aren't the dusty silks from the early 90's. Our collection of real touch stems look so real, people will try to smell them!

Lemons on a tray

  • Decorate with things you love. No matter what it is--if you love it, use it as part of your decor. I love purples and plum colors. It makes me happy, so I have it throughout my home. I also love my Bible and a good devotional so I strategically place them open in my home so that when I walk by, I pause to read them. It bring me encouragement and happiness. My parents love their nativity sets from all over the world. Even when it's not the holidays, they still have some out because it brings them joy. Find that little something that you love, display it, and smile.
Watermelon pillow summer pillows tie dye pillow
    • Declutter. Declutter. And declutter some more! There's a lot to be said about having a clean area to look at. Happiness and peace cannot exist in the midst of chaos. Pick one room at a time and discard the things that don't make you smile. If you're tired of it, get rid of it. If it doesn't make you happy, say goodbye to it--it will make more room for things that do make you glad.
    Happy Home Ticking Bolster Pillow Long Pillow for Bed


      Since "happiness is an inside job," we hope that during the business of the summer you'll be able to rest and find calmness, peace, and happiness. Stop by and see us--we have plenty of happiness to share, and it will make our day seeing you!!

      Until next time, find a funny video that makes you laugh!



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