Creating Celebrations In Your Home

Whether it's "Christmas in July" or the "5th Saturday," at The Wreath Stand we always find a reason to celebrate. Life can be full of celebrations, even without a holiday or birthday during the month. I love the saying, "Life's a gift, that's why it's called the present."


Many of you refer to our store as your "happy place." Wouldn't it be fun to make your home a happy place for yourself and others, too? We thought it would be fun to share happy ideas that make life a celebration all the time! 

  • Embrace Each Season as it Comes. So often we get tired of the season we're in, wishing it away for the next. (That's also true for the seasons in our lives, isn't it?!) Of course we LOVE fall, but since we're not quite there, why not embrace sunflowers, wheat grasses, and colors of late summer? Gold, orange, and deep green are happy colors you can add to your home right now.

  • Celebrate Odd Holidays. When months don't have a designated big holiday, find other reasons to celebrate, like Fat Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, the 100th day of school, and so many more. Of course, there's a national holiday for every day of the year, so google to find fun holidays for new traditions. Since our son's birthday is January 2, we used to celebrate July 2nd, his half birthday. Often we'd be on vacation, so it was a fun excuse to get ice cream and celebrate him!

  • Stock Up on Party Supplies for Impromptu Celebrations.  Load up with fun napkins, decor, and even gifts. It's okay to make a big deal over things that aren’t a big deal to other people. You can just be the fun family!! Give someone the "special plate" for no reason, get out the party napkins, and play happy music full blast just because you want to! (cue-Celebrate Good Times, come on!)

It might seem silly to find reasons to celebrate, but after a little research, I found that there are almost 100 verses in the Bible about celebrations, so obviously it must be a big deal! Some of the verses refer to celebrating as a way of remembering, which reminds me of last week's blog remembering God's faithfulness. So if you need another reason to celebrate, it can be the goodness of God! I really like that idea!

Creating celebrations in our homes throughout the year fills our hearts with gratitude and joy. And don't we all need a little bit more of that?!

Until next time, 


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