Creating Coziness In Your Home

Football games...sweatshirt weather...falling leaves...bonfires...pumpkins... autumn candles. Doesn't it sounds like we're playing Pyramid?! All of these things remind me of fall weather and all the sweet memories that accompany it. Autumn scents make my heart smile, and since September 1st is two days away, I will now officially allow myself to start burning fall candles!

It may still be warm outside, but inside we're preparing for the cooler days ahead. In the store, autumn is in full bloom, and we're giddy with excitement! Today we want to inspire you with a few of our favorite ideas for bringing all the cozy feelings of fall into your home.

Tips We Love for Creating Coziness in our Homes

  •  Layer Up on The Pillows. Sometimes we load our beds with so many pillows that you need a diagram to put them back in the correct place! Our sofas are a little different, though. If you've got too many, it's hard to find a spot to sit! (My people just throw them on the floor!) Instead, layer a few pillows at the ends of your sofa. Mix your fall pillows with your everyday pillows for that added touch to your sofa.

  • Embrace Textures. I love adding puppies and heavier throws on my sofa! Of course, you can add more textures throughout your home (just not my puppies!) Changing up your bedding is another beautiful way to change the seasons. I love how Rachel layered these hand woven pillows and cozy blanket on this bed. 

  • Change Out Your Florals. The wait it over! It's time to bring out all the fall mums, eucalyptus, poppies, colorful leaves, and pumpkins--we have so many different colored pumpkins. It's amazing! We particularly enjoy the vibrant colors of our velvet pumpkins! As you can tell, some fall colors don't work with the plum in my decor, that's why the neutral colors like grey, gold, cream, and sage work really well for me.

All the feels of fall make us so excited about the months to come. We hope we've inspired you to fall into autumn with a happy heart!

Until next time, light those fall candles!


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