Creating Peace In Your Home

As it keeps getting hotter in the mid-south, you might be spending more time inside. So why not make it a place that beckons you and others to come in for a moment of peace. 

You might be wondering how a home can bring peace--it sounds like quite a challenge, but Rachel and I are convinced that it can be done! We wanted to share our inspiration--things we do in our own homes!

  • Embrace calming colors. Create a cohesive color pallet throughout your home. Calming colors that represent a happy place create a flowing effect from room to room. Opening all the blinds first thing in the morning is another way for me to bring sunshine and happy into my space. "This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!"


  • Create a sanctuary. Perhaps you could design your very own nook to unwind, technology free. It's your own space to read, pray, craft, and decompress from the day. I love adding my favorite scent to the room and soft blankets that make me feel hugged. With autumn upon us, nothing makes me happier that a good fall candle!

  • Adopt a tidying routine. Having a system for straightening your home on a regular basis can give you great peace! When your home is cleaned and decluttered, your mind can more readily able to relax. I used to have a chore chart, but now that our home is much smaller, I instinctively know what needs to be done. One rule for myself: always make my bed, especially when life is hard and sad and I really don't feel like it. That's when I need to do it the most! I feel already accomplished something for the day. Also--an unmade bed brings me no peace!

  • More Ideas For Cleaning Plan...
    • Everything needs to have a home. This is Brittany's closet--she had to show off to me how all her boxes match. Full disclosure--I'm a little jealous and would LOVE to do this!

    • "Put things away before you end your day!" (It rhymes, so I love it!) I have to straighten up my kitchen and family room before I go to bed. For me, this means the sofa is fluffed, pillows and blankets are in their proper place; no pots and pans in the kitchen sink. Waking up a clean area helps me not feel stressed at the beginning of the day.
    • Do little things before they become BIG things. Keeping up with laundry, cleaning countertops daily, and doing the small mundane chores will help you not be overwhelmed with large projects later.
    • Keep only what truly brings you joy and makes you happy! Yes, you've had it for years but do you still love it? Do you really still use it? If not, say bye to it!!  
    • Close doors and closets to hide what you don't want to see! Hey, life happens. Sometimes it might mean shutting someone's bedroom door (my son's when he was in high school) or having that closet quickly closed. If it gives you peace to shut it for now, then do it!

I used to clean like crazy on Saturdays, making my whole family miserable as I required them to be a part of my crazy vortex of cleanliness! Saturdays became a dreadful day rather than one of peace and relaxing. I should have referred back to the above suggestion to do little things before they became big!

As you strive for peace in your home, don't stress yourself out trying to reach perfection. Give yourself some grace and be kind to yourself. Do what you can do to make your home peaceful. Find some time to read and relax. 

Until next time,




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