Wreath decor, not just for your front door

Let's talk about wreaths today! With springtime upon us, you're probably ready to put that winter wreath in storage and find something fresh and lovely for spring. Lucky for you, we have so many choices from boxwood wreaths to Easter bunnies and everything in between.

Here's a fun fact about wreaths: they are not just for your front door! We're going to show you some simple tricks to placing wreaths throughout your home.

Do you have a large mirror or antique window? Place a suction cup on the mirror and hang a wreath on it to add dimension and texture.

Wreath on Mirror 

Place a wreath stand on your hearth, front porch, or buffet as a perfect way to add an accent.

Wreath on Stand

Tobacco baskets are even more beautiful when you add a wreath to them. You can secure the wreath by using a pipe cleaner. Magnolia and cotton wreaths can be used for every season.

Magnolia Wreath

Cotton Wreath in Tobacco Basket

Perk up your chairs or cabinets by adding ribbon to a wreath and placing it on the back of a chair or a cabinet door.

Boxwood Wreath on Chair

Two more simple ways to dress up your table are by adding lovely wreaths to your place settings                 

Candle Ring on Place Setting

Cotton & Eucalyptus Candle Ring

We carry beautiful wreaths hangers--they can be simple or gold with antlers or "welcome" on them.

Boxwood Wreath

So whether you want a wreath with a pop of color or one that will carry you  through the seasons, stop by our store or click the photos above to purchase online. We're here to help you find the wreath that's perfect for you! 


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