Daily Dose of Decor -- Quick Decorating Tips

There is nothing like sitting down with a cozy throw, a hot cup of coffee, and a book. Unless of course that book is a calculus book and you’re trying to figure out the correct angle to hang that one big picture on your wall! I love to read and I love to decorate, but sometimes in life I just need to Cliff’s Notes version.

This week’s social media posts and blog are inspired by just that – the Cliff’s Notes version to making your home look great this winter. So, since this blog is all about the quick version, we won’t delve too far into funny anecdotes, inspirational stories, or ramblings about life. Up first, our favorite tray tip!


Great trays have triangles! Style your tray with a short, medium, and a tall item.



Beautiful shelves are cohesive! Repeat similar items throughout shelves and don’t be afraid of larger items on your shelves.


Don’t forget the hearth. Especially for winter, a cozy hearth creates an inviting room. Add a basket filled with throws (did you catch our how to video on folding throws in a basket) and incorporate evergreens for a little life.



A simple table is a happy table. January calls for a fresh start, why not go back to an understated look for your dining table.


Seasonal Pop

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, and our Valentine’s Day collection launches today! For this sweet holiday, sneak in little accents here and there. Add a red vase of tulips on your nightstand or a little heart trinket dish to a tray. And, don’t forget to change out those sweet pillow swaps, Happy Everything pieces, and charm hangers for the special day.


That wraps up our Cliff’s Notes version of winter decorating tips. Which tip will you try this week to brighten up your home?


We look forward to seeing you soon!


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