Easter Baskets With Everyone in Mind

Easter morning always has such great memories in my heart; I can still picture my kids beaming dressed in their new outfits, smiling as they dug through their Easter baskets. Easter was always filled with bright colors, plush bunnies, Hot Wheels cars, and of course, lots of chocolate and Peeps. 

Easter 2010 goes down in our family folklore as the most memorable. In a rush to leave the house for our kids’ hockey game, I left all the bags of candy on my closet floor, forgetting to completely shut the door. Usually our dog, Reesey, went to his kennel, but we were in a hurry and thought, “nah, he’ll be ok left out.” Wrong! We got home only to find him looking sad on the floor, not even wagging his tail to see us. I ran up the stairs in fear–sure enough, Reesey ate half the contents of the Cadbury eggs, hollow chocolate bunnies, and a package of Peeps. Thankfully, he survived but we threw all the candy away!

Do you enjoy creating Easter baskets? At The Wreath Stand, we like doing things out of the box, so we thought we’d give you some of our Easter basket ideas.

Hostess basket~

Encouragement Basket~

Precious Child Basket~

Sweet Sister Basket~

Fun Hostess Gift~

Happy Everything Cube for Mom~

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think up baskets for everyone. No worries—we’ve got you! Stop on in and tell us what kind of baskets you’re wanting to design; we’ll do all the work for you! You relax, and we’ll make it fun!

Until next time~



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