Eating At Home Has Never Looked So Good!

More than ever before, so many of us are eating at home. Whether it's take out or making dinner for the family, it's nice to sit down and eat together. During this whole time of craziness in 2020, I've been a big advocate of going to my local restaurants and getting food to-go. But even when I don't have a home cooked meal, I enjoy having a pretty place setting and making those around me feel special.

A sweet customer, Jan, came in today and told me how she loves entertaining. She invites a neighbor that she knows over for dinner and, in turn, tells them to bring a neighbor that they know but she doesn't--this way she is getting to know more neighbors. I absolutely LOVE this idea, since my husband and I live in an apartment community and have so many neighbors. What a great way to make more friends.

Jan definitely has the gift of hospitality as she loves decorating her table, creating delicious meals, and making people feel welcome.

My mom, on the other hand, loves having people over, but she gets stressed out about making food; I told her to just make a simple dessert, invite neighbors over, and have a really pretty table setting. You don't need to have a lot of food on the table to make people feel welcome, but I do think making the table pretty is such a plus!

Of course, not everyone is gifted like this or even desires to have people over, and that's totally okay! What I love about eating at home (besides the fact that there is no loud music blaring overhead at a restaurant!) is finding ways to incorporate beauty to my table.

When we got married in 1990, my mother-in-law told me to register for China place settings--it would be the only time I would get them. I actually love my China, so after 27 years of marriage, I decided to incorporate it into my every day wear. Now I use it all the time and even put it in my dishwasher! I decided that life is too short to worry about whether or not plates will break!

So, whatever you choose to enjoy at your table, enjoy the beauty of those sitting with you, and add some beauty with fresh flowers, pretty plates, or lovely napkins. If this year has taught us anything, life and time are precious. Enjoy the beauty all around you!

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  • Debbie McCollum

    ♥️ this post. I just enjoy using beautiful dishes. I love that you are using your wedding china. My daughter-in-law can set the most beautiful table. It seems to comes so natural for her.

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