The Beauty of Encouragement

It's hard to believe that nine years ago this week, Rachel started a small business out of her home making wreaths. What began with her traveling from craft show to craft show, turned into this lovely store that we are in now. Her goal was to encourage others and be a bright spot in people's lives while selling lovely things for people's homes.

“When this show was on the road!”

“Ribbon cutting at our store front”

Over three years later, I joined The Wreath Stand team, and what a fun journey it's been for almost 6 years with Rachel! It's an answer to prayer that I'm even here with her. I had just finished working at a cute children's boutique and didn't know if I would go back to work. I prayed, "Lord, if you want me to work again, have someone offer me a job." Specific prayers get answered specifically! Cue Rachel: I was doing a few embroidery projects for her when she said to me, "Hey, if you ever want to work again, I'd love to have you here." I didn't even need to pray about it; it was an obvious answer to prayer, even though I really didn't even know Rachel!

Our goal has always been the same: encourage others, bring a smile and happiness to people's lives, help fill their homes with lovely things. In the process, that encouragement has been reciprocated ten fold. We've prayed for you, cried with you, laughed with you, shared stories with you, and you have done the same for us. If we've had a rough day, inevitably someone has come in and knocked our socks off with blessing and encouragement.

So as we celebrate our 9th birthday this weekend, we want to take a minute or two and say thank you! Without you, there is no Wreath Stand. It has truly been the joy of our lives to do life with you. You are a blessing to us, and we pray that we will always be that beacon of light, that word of encouragement and kindness you need in your life. From the bottom of our hearts we say, “WE LOVE YOU!!”

Stop by this Friday and Saturday to help us celebrate our 9th birthday. We all know how Rachel puts on a good party, so you know it’s gonna be fun!!

Blessings and Big Hugs and Laughter and Smiles to You!

Rachel and Joy


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