Fall Into Pumpkins

When I think of Autumn, my mind immediately goes to pumpkins! Today's pumpkins certainly aren't the pumpkins from 20 years ago, are they?! You only need go to a pumpkin patch to find a plethora of colors--grey, blush, green, orange, and cream pumpkins. It's fascinating! We've taken that inspiration and brought those colors into our store. In fact, we even have pumpkins in different shades of blue!  

No matter what shades you prefer in your pumpkins, it sure is fun adding them throughout your home. The tricky thing is adding them without making it look like a pumpkin patch exploded!

Pumpkin Fun In Your Decor

  • Add some beautiful, high quality pumpkins. They add lovely textures like these pumpkins on the mantle below. 

  • Incorporate smaller pumpkins throughout your decor: add pumpkins to a stack of books, tuck them into existing shelf decor, or use one of our pumpkin stems to take your floral arrangement from summer to fall.

I love adding a few pumpkins to a eucalyptus wreath!

  • Put pumpkins in other areas like pillows, tea towels, cute plates in your China cabinet, and don't forget CANDLES!! We have a yummy selection of them! 

As you can tell, pumpkins make us happy! Stop by and see us this week and let us bring some happiness into your home!

Until next time, 





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