Daffodils & U-Turns

How many times has your GPS sent you on an unexpected route lately?  Is it just me or are the streets more crowded every day??? Last night as we drove to Franklin, our GPS took us along the backroads of Brentwood.  The route was longer than usual, but it was such a treat to see Spring arriving in Nashville. As we drove, I couldn’t help but smile at the neighborhood streets lined with budding dogwoods, cherry blossoms, and forsythia!


There's something about Spring that makes my heart rejoice! I think it's the hope new of life after the long, dreary winter months. The songs of happy birds, playful little bunnies, fresh grass, and even the strange (allergy inducing) smell of Bradford Pear Trees remind me of new life breaking through.

Like so many of you, I love Christmas! However, Easter has always been my favorite holiday. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord uses the changing of the seasons to remind us of the beauty of His resurrection, everlasting life, and the promise that in His time all things are made beautiful! Because without the beauty of the resurrection and hope of Easter, Christmas, after all, is only to story of a baby’s birth.

He Is Risen

It is this hope that we want to share with you every day. Sure, we are passionate about decor and gifts, but our ultimate desire is to share His love and promise with each person who walks through our door.

And so, we say, “Hello Spring! We're so glad you're here. Thank you for your gentle reminders of God's love. Please, stay awhile!”

Stay Awhile


The Wreath Stand Family

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