Feeling the Love

What makes you feel loved? This sounds silly, but I feel loved when someone cleans out the dishwasher for me. Rachel loves when her husband starts her car for her in the morning. Sometimes it's the simplest of things that make you feel loved.

I remember when our daughter, Annabelle, was little and would postpone going to bed by curling up and saying to me, "I'm just going to look at you til I fall asleep." I can still picture the exact place! It got me every time--she'd snuggle, look into my eyes, and fall asleep. Now that she's 21, when she comes home for college and wants to just snuggle, I stop everything to be with her! Other times, she'll call me just to hear my voice. We giggle, say "I love you," and then hang up.

As my kids get older, just knowing they are thinking of me makes me feel loved. Ok- here's a funny text I got from my son:

I read that text to my husband, and he said, "Our family is a bunch of weirdos!" It's true, but I sure do love them!

Even though this time of year is celebrated with chocolates and flowers, (which, of course, we love and sell here!) love is usually found in the every day interactions. So text someone to let them know you were thinking of them. Clean out the dishwasher for someone. Share a smile with someone. 

Until next time, know that you are loved!




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