Have you ever celebrated Friends-giving? It's usually in November before Thanksgiving where friends get together for a fun holiday dinner. College students love to do it before they leave for Thanksgiving break; I've even done it after Thanksgiving with leftovers. 

My favorite Friends-giving was last year. My husband and I host monthly events in our apartment community. Since I wanted people to relax with friends/neighbors and not have to cook, I asked my friends to make side dishes to serve. The response was overwhelming as we had with over 40 side dishes and too many desserts to count. We served dinner to over 100 residents. Friends enjoyed delicious food, relaxed, and got to know their neighbors. My heart was overcome with thankfulness.

Perhaps the idea of hosting Friends-giving is too overwhelming for you. I get it--this time of year is so full of activities, it's easier to be frustrated than thankful at times. Don't feel like you have to host a dinner to let your friends know you appreciate them: write a note; go out for a cup of coffee; or even just send a text. Letting the ones in your life know you appreciate them is what it's all about--not losing your mind doing it!

Whatever you end up doing (or not doing) we hope this month can be a time of thankfulness, carving out time with friends and loved ones, and letting them know how much they are loved. 

By the way, thanks for being our friends! We adore you!





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