Fun Summer Memories

Every season has its highlights and rankings. Most of my friends LOVE summer--they live for hot weather and all that goes with it. My seasonal rankings definitely start with fall being in first place, followed by spring, winter, and finally summer.  Although I'm not a hot weather girl, my best memories are from summertime, perhaps because there are more opportunities to create fun memories.

When my kids were little, we'd go to my friend Michelle's house. She had a Coke machine in her garage, and my boys thought it was the coolest thing. While they played outside, we'd drink Frescas from the Coke machine, and watch them play. It was such a precious time.

With my daughter's birthday at the end of May, we always had summer themed birthday parties. Pool parties and outdoor movies made it extra special. We also loved hanging out on our deck, playing card games. Banana-grams was one of our favorites--have you ever played it? Brooke's son, Ian, is famous for losing my Banana-grams letter C to the underbelly of our deck. Since there were too many spiders below the deck, we never retrieved that C!

As I reflect, I realize that most of my summers have revolved around avoiding the heat! For several years our vacation place was Estes Park, CO; it was cooler weather and the mountains are the best! Later we moved on to somewhere closer--Hilton Head Island, SC. We'd have to go near the end of May/beginning of June, though, before it got too hot and I would spontaneously combust.

(Aren't beach pictures the best? Every year I'd want just one good pic of the kids, and every year it ended up with the kids fighting, Annabelle crying, and mom getting mad!)

Our best Hilton Head memories go back to 2008. Our little daughter always made new friends at the beach. When she introduced us to her new friend, "Maggie from Ohio" as she called her, we became fast friends with her whole family, in fact the Frocks are some of our dearest friends to this day. We've laughed and cried together; traveled to each other's kids' weddings; had their daughter live with us while she interned in Nashville. It's been one of the coolest, God-ordained friendships all because two little girls made friends at the beach.

As we reflect back on sweet memories, do you have a favorite summer memory? Watching the guys play bocce ball at the beach is another fun memory.

With last year being such a restricted summer, what are your plans this year? Are you planning a stay-cation, playing fun games on the patio...
...or are you headed to the beach?

Whatever you decide, we hope you have a fun, safe summer.

Until next time, share with us some summer plans or a funny memory!


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