Gentle Transition from Summer to Fall

Can you believe today is August 2nd?! Are you mourning that summer is half over or excited that fall is on its way? For those of you who love fall but aren’t quite ready for full out pumpkins, The Wreath Stand girls are here for you! August decor can strike a perfect balance between the lingering essence of summer and the subtle hints of the approaching fall. 

Transitioning your home decor from the bright and breezy tones of summer to the earthy and inviting feel of autumn doesn't have to be an abrupt change. Instead, let's explore some decor ideas that capture end-of-summer vibes and gently shift gears to create a seamless and captivating seasonal transformation. 

  • Transitional Colors: Incorporate colors that bridge the gap between summer and fall, such as muted shades of coral, dusty pink, olive green, and mustard yellow. These hues can effortlessly transition from one season to another. How lovely are these pillows?
  • Sunflowers and Wildflowers: Swap out traditional fall blooms for sunflowers, wildflowers, and these fun whimsey pom pom bundles! These cheerful and vibrant flowers can be arranged in so many of our different colored vases. 

  • Warm Tones and Textures: Summer decor often revolves around pastel shades, bright colors, and light fabrics. To initiate the transition, start incorporating warm tones like burnt orange, deep red, and golden yellow into your existing decor; you can even choose coffee table books with those tones. Introduce cozy textures such as chunky knits, faux fur throws, and plush cushions to add depth and comfort to your space.

    • Natural Textures: Add natural textures like woven baskets and jute rugs to create an organic and cozy environment. These elements complement both summer and fall decor styles.

    • Citrus Accents: Citrus fruits are abundant in August, so use them as decor elements. Display a bowl of fresh lemons or oranges in your kitchen or on the dining table. We also carry amazing citrus-scented candles and diffusers to fill your home with a refreshing aroma before you get out the pumpkin and cinnamon candles. Of course, if you're ready for those scents, Rachel's already put them out! I have a personal rule that I can't burn fall candles til Sept. 1, so I definitely need something for August!

    By incorporating some of these ideas, you can strike a harmonious balance between summer and fall, creating a welcoming ambiance that reflects the changing seasons.  Enjoy the last days of summer as you prepare to embrace the beauty of autumn!

    Happy Decorating!


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