Gift Of Encouragement

National Day of Encouragement is this weekend. As we talked about encouraging our teachers in last week’s blog, it seems appropriate to carry on that theme this week!

We all have a friend who has the gift of encouragement, knowing just the right thing to say at the right time. Like Barnabas in the Bible who was called the Son of Encouragement, we know people who exude kindness and encouragement all the time—like it just comes natural to them.  

For the rest of us who need a little help, we’ve got some really special things that are bound to encourage others.

Below is one of my favorites: 

They’re called Prayers to Share: they have 100 different messages inside—you can tear one out, write a note on the back and share, or you can give the entire book to someone.

Our necklaces are another favorite: each one has a different verse to encourage the wearer every time they look down. 

Finally my last favorite, the prayer box. This is sweet to give a friend, letting them know you’re praying for them. We’ve had these at our register for you to write your own prayer requests and put in the box. It’s always an encouragement to know someone is praying for you!

I think the most important part of encouraging others is that personal touch. Giving someone a present is just as important as your own presence. Whether it’s a hug, kind word, or a sweet gift, everyone needs a little pick me up! Who is someone who needs encouragement this week? Why not let them know this week that they’re loved.

Until next time—be encouraged! 


PS~Hope to see you at our Fall Open House this weekend!



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