Gift Of Teaching

Even if you don't have kids in school anymore, you probably know someone who's a teacher. For the dear friend of mine who just finished her degree and began teaching this year; to the many young "20 somethings" who just graduated this year and have started their first classroom; to the seasoned teachers who are just an amazing encouragement to everyone: we salute you!! This year has not been one they could have studied, prepared for, or even imagined.

I've always believed that being a teacher takes a very special person to be called to do it. (That's why my college degree was in marketing!) Raising my three young children was continually exhausting. I can't even imagine what it's like to have 20 young children in a classroom all day! Now add virtual teaching to it...whew!! It's a heavy load.

Many of our sweet customers are teachers and have told us what a struggle this year has been for them. With school being cut short earlier this year and now trying to navigate new ways of teaching and staying healthy and safe-- we cannot even fathom what they are going through, but we want to say that we've been praying for you.

I think back to the amazing teachers that influenced my life and my kids' lives, and I'm full of gratitude. What a precious gift it is to teach and how blessed we are for those who are gifted to do so.

Perhaps there's a special teacher in your life who needs a word of encouragement this week. Can we impress on you to drop them an email, text, or letter, letting them know how special and gifted they are?

And if you want to give a little special something, we'd consider it a real privilege to help in that area, too! Everyone needs a little encouragement these days, and I think our teachers need a lot!! We can't always give hugs, but we can give chocolate... and that's the next best thing I can think of!

Do you have a special teacher who's meant a lot to you? We'd love to hear about them. Tell us who they are and why they're so special to you. We'll put all their names in a hat and pick a deserving teacher to encourage!

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