Great Gallery Walls

Last month in our blog we talked about new trends for the year. One of my favorite trends--gallery walls--continues to be on point for this year, to my great pleasure! I have this fun game I like to play called, "Rachel, I'm bored at home. Can I send you a picture of a wall to redecorate?" I know these texts thrill her to no end, so it's something I make sure I do frequently!

A few years ago I felt my gallery wall wasn't "just right," so I sent a pic for her to do her magic!

After she scratched and moved things (my feelings weren't hurt!) here was the plan.

Voila! I love how it turned out!  It's always a work in progress as I continually change pictures and frames but the shape remains the same.(Funny fact--the top left had a black M to go there. In my process of climbing on the tv cabinet, it was dropped and broken!)

If you're wanting to add a gallery wall to your home, we've got a few helpful suggestions for you:

 1. Have a plan

Know what you want in a gallery wall. Do you prefer a symmetrical grouping of prints that are the same size? Are you hoping to embrace something a little more variety with a mixture of shapes and sizes? Having an idea will help you when you begin the search for the perfect pieces. A quick Pinterest search will start you in the right direction. (By the way, do you know The Wreath Stand is on Pinterest? Be sure to give us a follow!)

With Joy's wall we started with a sketch. Then since she had so many smaller frames, we kept them within an overall rectangular boundary for a cleaner look.


2. Successful mix & match

Unless your gallery wall is a set of matching prints or botanicals, you’ll be putting together different elements to complete your wall. Don’t be afraid of different shapes and materials. Brace yourselves, even your woods can be different colors as long as the tones are the same.

To keep a mixed variety looking cohesive, choose items that are the same style (i.e. modern with clean lines or chunky distressed frames but not both.) Joy opted for distressed frames and even painted some of her existing frames so the styles would match.

For artwork, select prints or photos that have a repeating color. Keep word art to a minimum in galleries. If you use more than one piece of word art, be sure they coordinate.

3. Sized just right

The larger the frames, the less busy your space will look. Use a variety of sizes, hanging directions (vertical or horizontal), and shapes, but try to have a few larger frames that are at least 11”x14.”


Do these ideas help? Where could you have a gallery wall in your home? Would it look great over the bed, your sofa, or maybe in an entry way? We would love to help you put together a wall that fits perfectly into your space and tells your story.

Until next time,

Rachel and Joy

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