Groundhog Day: Repeat And Repurpose

February 2 is Groundhog Day, which always makes me think of the movie by the same name. I'm sure it's running 24 hours on one of the cable stations. In "Groundhog Day" the actor, Bill Murray, keeps reliving the day over and over--same day but different outcomes.

It's kind of like decorating at home on a small budget! Of course, you knew I was going to relate this to decorating my home! Sometimes I'll walk into a room, see the same thing over and over, and finally make a few easy changes. We like to call it "repurposing" our decor (same things, different purposes or places.)

The best way to repurpose your decor is to take everything down and begin with a clean slate. (This is something Rachel often tells me, "Take everything down first, Joy.") Often, you can move decor from other rooms to get a completely different vibe. Perhaps you can add a new lamp, art, or pop some yellow flowers to finish the look. It's just a few simple changes that help perk up a room.

Often I'll take pictures or art from one room and put them somewhere else. Of course, my favorite way to change up is to add new pillows. (What girl doesn't love lots of pillows! And we just so happen to have a huge variety in the store!)

If you're feeling like you're in a Groundhog Day rut, stop by and let us help you out. Take some pics of a room or two that you'd like to freshen up and bring them in. We'll walk you through some easy steps to make to help refresh and repurpose! Or, if you're feeling stuck, you can even book Rachel for a house call!

Until next time, go fluff your pillows!



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