Hauntingly Beautiful: Transforming Your Patio and Porch for Halloween

As the leaves change color and a sense of mystery fills the air, it's time to bring the Halloween spirit to every corner of your home. Don't overlook your patio and porch! These often-neglected areas can become captivating extensions of your spooky decor. Here are a couple of ideas to consider while decorating your outdoor spaces for Halloween:

Round Top Outdoor Jack O Lantern with Witch Hat

  • Enchanting Entrances: Your patio and porch serve as the gateway to your home, making them the perfect canvas for setting the Halloween tone. Start by adorning your entryway with an array of carved pumpkins, each boasting its own unique expression. If you don't want to carve pumpkins, we have adorable metal ones that you can light up. These grinning gourds not only add an eerie charm but also cast a warm and inviting glow for trick-or-treaters. Accentuate your staircase or railings with some of our felt pumpkin garland. Line these adorable metal yard stakes on your sidewalk or in the pumpkins on your steps. (Tap the picture below for more details!)
Ghost Yard Stake


    • Creepy Centerpieces: Elevate your outdoor decor game by incorporating captivating centerpieces. Incorporate hay bales and cornstalks to add texture and an autumnal feel. For a touch of whimsy, we have the cutest light-up broomsticks waiting to greet your visitors. You can set them on your porch or hang them around. Since they light up, they become conversation starters and focal points, making your patio and porch the talk of the neighborhood.
    Metal Jack-o-lantern
      • Ghoulish Gathering Spaces: Transform your patio into an outdoor living area that beckons friends to linger a little longer. Arrange your seating in a way that allows everyone to talk to each other, then add some of our cute Halloween pillows that light up! Set the scene with our delicious, scented candles that emit an eerie glow but smell oh, so good! To amplify the spookiness or coziness (whichever you want) consider incorporating sound effects – a hidden speaker emitting fun music or spooking sounds can create an immersive experience that everyone will enjoy.
      Light Up Halloween Pillow

        Your patio and porch hold untapped potential for Halloween enchantment. With carved pumpkins, eerie centerpieces, and carefully curated gathering spaces, you can create an outdoor space that's both inviting and delightfully spooky. As always, if you need ideas and more creativity, we here to help. We love thinking up ways to make your home feel exactly how you want! 

        See you soon!


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