Holiday Gift Guide For You!

Every year around August, maybe September, as I see all the beautiful Christmas items coming into our store, I think to myself, "This year I'll shop early for Christmas!" Yet alas it's almost December, and I haven't bought anything yet! Am I the only one in this predicament?!

Since we've all made it through Black Friday, it's time to reevaluate our gift lists. Lucky for you~ we're here to assist! We love helping you to find the perfect, unique gift for friends and family, and Rachel has made it even easier this year as she's found so many great giftable items!

As you think about different people on your list, think about the feeling you're wanting to convey, and then write it next to that person's name. When you do that, it can make your gift purchasing much easier! Here are some examples to help you out:

  • For the sweet hairdresser who stands on her feet all day--World's Softest socks or Warmies for her aching shoulders.
  • For the hostess who's hard to buy for--this JOYFUL set! (Of course, anything that says "joyful" has got to be good!)
  • For your friend who's just really stressed out right now--buy her some exhilarating or relaxing Shower Bursts!
  • For someone who's had a difficult year--we have many different books that refresh the soul.
  • For the amazing teacher who has loved your kids so well think outside the box--how about a pretty puzzle?

    There are so many more gift ideas throughout the store, we're sure we can find something perfect for you! Oh, and here's another tidbit--give us a list of things you love at the store and then send people here to shop for YOU!! It makes me so happy knowing what our customers like and then helping their loved ones buy for them! We're here to help take the stress out of your gift giving.

    Until next time, happy gift giving!




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