Hope Is Here

As Christmas is almost upon us, I thought I'd share a picture of my tree to give you a glimpse into my home.

I completely changed my tree last year to golds and whites, with, of course, lots of JOY, churches, and crosses.

I've also hung ornaments from my windows that sparkle with gold. They make my heart smile. When I've had a tiring day, I sit near the tree with a hot cup of tea and just gaze at the beauty.

Can you recall the best gift you've ever received? I can definitely tell you a bad gift I received: It was Christmas 1997. My husband and I used to (past tense) open our gifts alone. That year he bought me a phone charger for my car. I wasn't very pleased and told him "This is not a gift! This is something you get on a Tuesday!" I mean, after all, if you have to plug something in, it's not a gift!!  As I'm writing this, he just said, "It WAS a good gift!!" ha!

As we help customers find the perfect gift for everyone on their lists, I recall that the best things about Christmas aren't always "things." Having family around the table, playing games together and laughing, staying up late, snuggling, and watching a movie--all these great memories are what make Christmas so good. There are few gifts that have a lasting memory for me, but spending time with my loved ones is a treasure.

I've been way too busy this holiday season that I haven't taken enough time to pause and remember the true meaning of Christmas--God sending His Son, His Perfect Gift, to us. Years ago when our kids were little, my friend's daughter, Grace, watched the nativity story at church. When it was over, she asked her mom, "When is He going to die?" At first we were surprised at her response, but then we realized that she knew the true purpose of Jesus' birth. 

As we look closely at the manger that holds the perfect gift, may we also look ahead and see the cross, where that perfect gift gave hope for all mankind. 

We pray that you are blessed this Christmas and that you know the Hope that we have in Jesus. If you need a friend, a prayer, a hug, or a better understanding of that hope, please talk to us. We love you, and we're here for you.

Until next time, much love to you from your family at The Wreath Stand~


Oh, there are no gifts underneath my tree right now because...PUPPIES!!

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  • Ann Howard

    Thank You Joy. Merry Christmas.

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