Tips For Intentional Journaling

Are quiet times and journaling part of your daily routine? Full disclosure, I'm either really good or really bad about it! I’ll go strong for several weeks, and then suddenly fall off for a while. I used to have my quiet times on the sofa with my dog snuggling up to me but my eyes would wander or I’d just fall asleep. Finally, I decided to change my venue for better concentration.

Being an empty nester, I’ve got a lot more space at my dining table for quiet times. I’ve got my journal, Bible, and fun pens all on a tray. When I'm done, I tuck the tray underneath on the chair next to me and make it disappear.

Sometimes just using the word "journaling" is daunting. You feel like you have to fill ever page with all your deep personal thoughts. Or you think your handwriting isn't pretty, so why bother. Well, that's just not the case! You can still make it fun!

This is a great book that we offer at our store. It's full of creative tips and teaches ways to make your handwriting pretty. We think you'll enjoy it for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

I thought I'd make a short video, giving you a few tips to intentional journaling!

I hope you enjoyed this! However you decide to journal, don’t overcomplicated it—just get some pens and a journal and get started! Stop by and see us. We’ll be glad to show you some different products and ideas to make it fun and productive.

Until next time, happy journaling!


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