The Last Few Days Are Stressful

Yesterday my daughter sent a message to our family group text--it was a picture of our family from 20 years ago. Her caption said, "We'll be doing this in 12 days!!"

I'm not kidding when I say I had a moment of confusion, did the math, and then  realized that Christmas is 12 days away. (Actually, since that was yesterday, we're now at 11 days to go!)

I get so envious of our customers who tell us they're finished with their holiday shopping. Full disclosure--I still have a lot of shopping to do. I'm not in a panic yet, (since there are still 11 days to go!) but I really need to get a move on. I have a mental list of what I need to buy, and as Rachel tells me, "put that list on paper!!"

Many of our customers do exactly that--they bring their lists (on paper!) to us. In turn we help them find special gifts for even that "hard to shop" person. So what can we do to help you this next week? Do you need some inspiration for your some people on your list? 

Hostess Gift:

Teacher Gift:

Best Friend Gift:

We're full of fun ideas and here to help: we'll do it with a smile, a few laughs, some encouragement, and even a hug if you need it! We love helping you de-stress so you can focus on what really matters during this holiday!

Until next time, 



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