Lessons We Don't Learn

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I wouldn't call myself insane, but there are definitely some stupid things I repeatedly do, thinking "this time will be different!" My husband calls me "calamity Joy Joy."  Rachel just says, "you did it to yourself!"

Below is the accident that motivated Rachel to buy me a ladder for Christmas.

I like to get things done NOW and don't want to take the time to get a ladder! The problem goes back to grade school when we used to climb up the side of the school and get on the roof. Climbing up was easy; but getting DOWN was a different story! I still can't figure out how to get down, as you will see from this video:

Admittedly, this was very stupid, and I could have gotten really hurt--I was embarrassed to even tell my husband about it, but when he saw a huge bruise on my back, I had to fess up!

Sometimes my problems are just self-inflicted. I tell Rachel that I like to consider myself a rather intelligent woman; I just don't make wise choices with things beyond my reach! Other times, things just happen to me, like the time I didn't get a ladder and reached up high to bring down an item for a customer. Not realizing that the heavy wood lid wasn't secure, I brought down the vase, and the lid proceeded to PLUNK RIGHT ON MY HEAD. You know the cartoons where the person has birds and stars spinning around their head?? That was ME!

Okay, as I'm typing this--I realize the common denominator in all of these is a LADDER (or lack thereof!)

I'd like to say I learned my lesson, but as I was looking at my bedroom curtain today, I realized it was easier to just climb on the dresser to fix the curtains. No, I didn't DO IT, but I considered it!

Do you ever repeatedly do the wrong thing, hoping for a different result or is that just ME?! I would love to hear some of your funny stories!

Until next, stay safe!






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