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Let Me Tell You About My Dad--Guest Blog, Annabelle Morris

Posted by Joy Morris on

Thanks, Annabelle for writing a lovely guest post for our blog today!


Let me tell you about my dad, Mike~

We would go to Predators hockey games when I was little, and he'd carry me through the parking lots on his shoulders saying, "you're my sack of tatos!" ie- potatoes. We would go bike riding in Hilton Head on a tandem bike--he was always the one who would be pedaling, not me!

He makes loaves of French toast for my birthday every year.

He'll say goofy dad jokes. We'll be in an elevator, he will look around and say, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we're going down."

When I went to school 8 hours away for 2 years he would make long road trips, sometimes 16 hours back to back, to drive me to and from school for breaks. We'd call him "road warrior."

In his life, he has lost his dad and three of his older sisters to various illnesses. For the past 10 years, he has continued to support grieving friends at Grief Share every week. His hugs are big, and his heart is even bigger. He's a good sport as he puts up with my mom's and my crazy antics.

He is calm, kind, and ready to answer any questions or humbly help you see the answer. "Hey dad, what does this light on my dashboard mean?" "Hey dad, how do I move on from this heartbreak?" "Hey dad, what ingredients do I need to recreate that one meal you make for me?"

He's a jack of all trades, but his love is what I cherish most. Thanks, dad, for showing me how to be the best I can be. I'm so glad I'm your daughter.

Love, Annabelle

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