Love Where You Live

“Live in the moment, love the life you live, today is a gift that’s why we call it the present…” I could go on and on with the clichés. Often when I hear these words of encouragement, I think “Oh that’s nice” and move on with my day.  Can you relate? Well, tomorrow is Groundhog Day, which is basically a holiday dedicated to wishing your days away.  And, while we’ll be here cheering for Punxsutawney Phil to proclaim ‘Spring is just around the corner,’ we want to take the opportunity right now to encourage you to live for today and love where you live.

Loving where you live will mean something different to each of us. It may mean contentment with your home, the space that surrounds you. It may mean enjoying the company of the people who share your home with you. Maybe it means satisfaction with where you are in your life journey. Or possibly a combination of these things. Today we want to talk about loving where you live in the literal sense, being happy and at peace in your home.

Admittedly, I’ve lived in some places where I’ve prayed we could move away. I’d put up little signs that said, “bloom where you’re planted,” or I’d read devotionals to encourage me to put down roots and dig deep into where I am. I’d memorize verses about being content in all things, and yet I still cried for months. So if that’s where you are right now, believe me, I understand!! 

We thought we’d encourage you, dear friend, with a few ingredients to help you love where you live, no matter the circumstances:

1. Peace of Mind: Organize and clean in a way that works for you. There’s always a book about how to perfectly organize, but if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll just get frustrated and not be able to maintain it. When your home is clean and in order, you feel better. In hope that my kids would clean their rooms, I used to say,"God is a God of order!" They definitely rolled their eyes at this, but it's true, and when there's order in our lives, we tend to have more peace of mind.

2. A Happy Heart: Add something happy in every room. Maybe it’s some tulips on your coffee table, a sweet little bird perched on a stack of books on your shelves, or a styled tray on the kitchen island. We like to call them “pops of happy everywhere.” Whatever it is, look for little things that make you smile and embrace them. Additionally, find something to laugh about every day! 

3. A Place to Rest: Home is your refuge—a place to rest and recharge. Create places in your home that beckon you to relax. Add a basket with your favorite magazines, the book you're reading, a delightful candle, and a cozy throw next to your favorite chair. While it’s cold outside, add some extra throws to the ends of your sofa or over the armchairs to create that snuggly feeling.

When you fill your home with things you love and create an environment that feels good, it’s natural to love where you live. So here’s to living in the moment this week and loving life exactly where you are! 

Until next time,

Rachel and Joy


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