Making Others Feel Special

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away? As I'm typing this, I'm kind of in shock that it's coming up so quickly!

Two weeks ago our blog was about beautiful buffets/setting the holiday stage. This week we wanted to talk about making people feel special during the holidays. Whether you're hosting dinners, going to someone else's home, or having people over for an extended period of time, planning ahead can really help! It's much easier if you start now with those little details that can make the holiday even more special.

  • Mail letters--Receiving real mail has become a thing of the past. There's always someone special who cannot come; perhaps they're too far away or they're home for health reasons. Sending a hand written note is timeless.
  • Place Cards--It's sweet to have place cards with people's names on them! We have these adorable pumpkins that you can put place cards in. Additionally, these silverware pouches will be a hit--you can write what you're thankful for on them!
  • Hostess Gifts--Even if you don't host Thanksgiving dinner, you can make your hostess feel special with a special gift for her. A few of our favorite ideas:
      • Bring your food on a dish to leave behind for her -- dessert squares on a sweet pumpkin platter or cheese tray with festive napkins included.
      • A candle & tea towel are always a staple that everyone loves.
      • A thoughtful flower arrangement in this versatile turkey bucket. 

    Before you get crazy busy making food and having visitors, stop by and see us. We'll be that calming touch in your life, helping you make those in your life feel special.

    Until next time, we hope you feel special!




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