Mantle Afire

I've always had the quest for the perfect mantle--something out of a magazine with the WOW factor.  Years back, I thought I had reached the crowning achievement. With a decorative mirror, large brass, angel candle sticks, live magnolia leaves, greenery from my Christmas tree, and lit candles, how could this be less than perfect?!

The taper candles were lit, and the mood was set. Sadly we went to another room and didn't see the candles dripping all over the live (dead) pine needles. Suddenly the fire alarms went off in the house! I ran upstairs to ask my husband what was up; probably just the fireplace making things hot. No big deal.

As I ran back downstairs, trying to turn the smoke alarm off, I saw my entire mantle up in flames! The brittle pine needles were ablaze of fire rising to the top of the mirror, melting the candle sticks, and covering everything with hot wax. As we extinguished the fire, wax had covered the mantle, front of the fireplace, and the carpet.

We survived this crazy, irresponsible mishap. Christmas wasn't cancelled that year--it just wasn't as pretty! For many years my husband wouldn't allow me to have unattended lit candles (smart overall move), and I gave up on the "perfect mantle." In fact, I don't even have a mantle now--crisis averted!

Beautiful mantles can exist all year long, not just at the holidays. Since I've come to work at The Wreath Stand, I have hope that the perfect mantle can be achieved for you. I always defer, however, to Rachel to help me in this quest!

Do you love decorating you mantle? Do you have a certain theme? We would love to see a picture of your mantle.  

Until next time, don't leave your candles unattended!


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