Remembering Mothers Day

Twenty nine years ago, May 9, 1993, I celebrated my first Mother's Day, being a mom to our 9 week old, Ryan Michael. We had moved eight hours away from our home in Illinois to Lansing, MI; it was a hard time for me with a newborn, living far away from home, and not knowing anyone. So when my precious husband gave me what he perceived to be great gifts-- a purple jacket that said Nabisco and a huge oversized pajama shirt with a large Oreo on it, I wasn't too happy about it! (Nabisco was the company that moved us far away and I was pretty mad at them at the time!) See below pic--I know, you thought my red hair was natural! HA!!

Since then, it's been a difficult quest for my husband to find gifts for a "woman who is hard to shop for!" At least he's not like our friend who answered the question "What are you getting your wife for Mother's Day?" and foolishly answered, "She's not my mom!" Oh Tim, buddy, pal--wrong answer!! With Mother's Day just 5 days away, you might be asking yourself, "What do I get a woman who either has everything or who can buy whatever she wants?" 

Some moms don't give any hints about what they want for Mother's Day. You either know what they like or you're out of luck! Then there are moms like Ashley who told us, "When my husband comes to get my Mother's Day gift, tell him this is what I want!" 

When I think of Mother's Day, I reflect on my precious mom. All that I've done and become is greatly due to my loving, praying mom. Of course, to God be the glory for all HE has done, but thanks be to Him who gave me an amazing mother--my biggest fan my whole life. While growing up, Mom was always around: praying for me, guiding me, pointing me to truth in God's Word, living as an example to me. When I had kids, she took the role to the next level, praying so diligently for her grandchildren.

I remember high school orientation for my first son (he another event, so I went without him.) I was beyond overwhelmed that evening, realizing I only had four years left before he flew out of the nest. I rushed quickly to my car, called my mom, and just began to bawl. She was so confused: (1) I rarely cry, and (2) It was out of control, movie-esque sobs, wailing, snot, and tears. She kept saying, "are you okay? Is everyone ok? Have you been in an accident?" "Ummmm, no mom, everyone's ok; my son is just leaving me in 4 years!!" I'm sure she laughed at the insanity of it later, but it was so major to me at the time. She gave great advice (probably something like "get a grip, woman") and then she prayed over the phone for me. She's always been that prayer warrior in my life, asking the Lord to show her how to pray for each of us. 

So Mama Sandy, "Happy Mother's Day." I love you so much! My words and my love are my gifts to you! (I already got you that dress last week!!) 

For the rest of you, let me just say, Rachel has picked amazing gifts for all occasions in May, starting with Mother's Day. It's also our 8th birthday this weekend at the store, so stay tuned for all things amazing from Rachel! Stop by and see us--we'll help you find a sweet, meaningful gift for that special person in your life!

Until next time, be blessed,


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