Discovering New Things

Rachel & I have brainstorming sessions every few months to plan the upcoming blog posts. We try to find themes you will enjoy as well as things that are appropriate for upcoming holidays or special occasions.  As we looked at the calendar for this week's post we were inspired by Columbus Day. In the days of Columbus the world was focused on exploring & the discovery of new routes to the other side of the world. Even though the days of explorers setting out on the high seas were over 500 years ago, one thing remains the same, we love discovering new treasures!

With that said, we thought there would be no better time to share some of our favorite new discoveries than now. Bringing new goodies into the store always makes us so happy!


  • Locally, hand-poured soy candles
These mason jar candles are spot on with their scents. We’ve been burning Pumpkin Soufflé, and it has made me want to eat something pumpkin when I smell it!


  • Re-imagined Firefly candles
We have all loved Firefly candles for years, and their updated vessels combined with a new scent or two are quickly becoming some of our new favorites.

  • Fresh Jewelry
Jewelry, especially earrings, is always a weakness for me. I’m wearing the tear drop earrings right now. They’re very light weight, and you can’t beat the price point. I can foresee some of these in people’s stockings this Christmas!

  • Keychain Bracelets
These keychains are the best. Finally, I don’t lose my keys!


  • Fab New Pillow Line
Every gal I talk to says how much she loves pillows. The more, the merrier we say! I bought the Mr & Mrs pillow recently for a wedding gift. We have lots of new pillows so you’ll just have to make more room for on your bed or sofa!


  • Pink Picasso New Release
More paint by numbers have arrived! We have the long awaited church design as well as kits for kids! The painters in your life are going to enjoy these!


Plus, you won’t believe all the new Christmas treasures to discover in the store very soon. I’m going to hold off and post some of those pics in the future...

Until next time, keep discovering!



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