Halloween Nostalgia

HAPPY OCTOBER!! Bring on the cooler temps, football games, bonfires, and Halloween! When I think of Halloween, I think of the 1970's and those crazy masks we wore. They were hot, stuck to your face, and if you turned your head too quickly, the mask didn't move with you and you couldn't see! But still, when we  look back at those pics, it's just funny memories. I'm sure those masks are probably outlawed now, but I sure would love to see one!

This picture below looks like my husband's family--he had 5 older sisters and got all the hand-me-downs!

Do you enjoy decorating for Halloween? Whether you're planning a small party or big bash, October 31st will be here before you know it, and this year our Halloween merchandise has been the best selection we've ever had.


Sometimes the best way to decorate for your Halloween party is to pick your theme. Do you want it to be fun? spooky? classy?


Pumpkin faces, pillows, and garland! Oh My!


Skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, witches hats, and so much more! Rachel even added glass flasks like you would use in a chemistry class. Add some punch in them to look like they have a secret potion!


Sparkles and fall scents. This table is covered with sparkly pumpkins and pretty candles--perfect for a get together with your grown-up friends! You could add a beautiful charcuterie board, bubbly drinks, and some warm soup: all great ingredients for a classy evening with friends.

And, if you are invited to a fabulous get-together, don't forget the hostess! We have so many sweet gifts for her. When you take your ghouls and monsters to a party, think about a sweet tea towel or a candle. You'll be the hostess's favorite!

So many have come by the store lately and wondered what Trick-or-Treating will look like this year... We have some really good news for you! Trick-or-Treating has definitely not been cancelled at The Wreath Stand! It just so happens to land on a 5th Saturday, so we'll be having our 5th Saturday Celebration combined with Halloween festivities. 

We look forward to seeing you soon! Let us know how we can make your party perfect!


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