Outdoor Living: Enjoying Summer

What's your favorite season? We always laugh at the store and say whichever season we're in! There are reasons to like every season -- the hope of spring, the freedom of summer, the beauty of fall, and the comfort of winter. I can never seem to pick a favorite. However, I love this time of year with its extra sunshine, bright green grass, long evenings on the deck, and the hope of a summer full of memories. 

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Several years ago someone (probably selling patio furniture 😉) coined the phrase "Outdoor Living." I like the idea of extending our living spaces outside -- taking time to really enjoy our backyards and front porches, and embracing the memories of summer nights of our childhoods spent catching lightning bugs and eating popsicles. As we approach the summer months and have extra time to spend outside, how can we better enjoy that time? This week we're sharing a top ten list to get you started with making the most of the sunny days ahead.

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1.) Keep a pitcher of tea in the fridge. This tip comes from my mother in law, Angie. Porch sitting is always better with a cold drink.

2.) Make your outdoor space cozy. Freshen up your outdoor pillows every couple of seasons. 

3.) Take your lunch outside. As so many of you are still working at home or retired, don't forget to get out in the middle of the day and take a break especially now before the heat and humidity make it unbearable.

4.) Accessorize your outdoor end tables like you would inside. Look for heavy planters that won't blow over, citronella candles or cute little accessories that can handle a little humidity.

5.) Take game night outside. There's no rule that says you have to play scrabble inside! Take the board outside and enjoy a little fresh air.

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6.) Leave your phone inside. The reason we loved summer so much as kids was the freedom. Allow yourself that same freedom this summer and enjoy some time unplugged. 

7.) Keep a good book on hand. Summer is our favorite time to get lost in a good story. Stay tuned for our recommended reads coming up in a couple of weeks.

8.) Add a container vegetable or herb to your patio. Start small with something hard to kill, like mint. It's so rewarding to watch something grow! 

9.) Don't forget the lighting. The right lighting can take your deck from "ok" to inviting. String up some outdoor lighting and enjoy those summer nights.

10.) Take your electric fan outside!  This tip is especially for Joy and all my friends who don't love the heat.  The fan will deter some of the bugs and make the warm weather a little more bearable. 

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We hope these ideas will get you excited for the months to come. I know I'm already debating which of our flavored teas I'lll brew first!  Do you have any tips for enjoying the summer? We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite tip for enjoying life outside.


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