Pie Day--Another great reason to eat pie

It's funny to me how certain days on the calendar are made into fun occasions. Take for example, March 14 is called Pi Day (3-14) a mathematical equation that my engineer son would appreciate, or just a reason for most of us to have a pie! I like to go to my favorite bakery and buy little pies for my friends on Pi Day. Rachel, however, is baker extraordinaire and loves to make delicious pies for people. Her famous fudge pie stirs up memories for me of eating half of her pie on the way home and then disposing the rest so my husband wouldn't see the reason for my fudge stained shirt!

Do you enjoy making pies? What's your spouse's favorite pie? Turns out after 29 years, I discovered that apple pie isn't even in my husband's top 5. Better yet, I found out last Thanksgiving that no one in my family likes pumpkin pie! Is this real life?!

Pie Plate


How cute are these from our store?

Are you fancy with your pie making or do you buy a ready made crust? I'm not as keen at making them, but I love having a pretty presentation. I will warm up my ready made pie and place it on a pretty platter and cake stand from our store.

So take time on Pi Day to make a pie for your friends. Or, if you're like me, buy a pie, put it on a pretty platter, then burn one of my favorite candles from Southern Firefly Candle Co--Sugar Cane Cookie, Alabama Red Velvet Cake, or Louisiana Beignet. I feel like this should have been titled, "Pie Confessions by Joy." Nonetheless, your home will smell like you've been baking all day, and everyone will be happy.

Southern Firefly Candle

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