Preparing Our Hearts for Easter

I woke up the other day to dark raining morning, only to hear a sweet little bird singing outside my window--like non-stop singing loudly for all to hear. It didn't annoy me because I've always told my kids that birds' chirping was their way of praising their great Creator. As I heard this little cardinal singing, it made me wonder–maybe God created them to praise Him since we often fall so short. Let’s face it–a couple of cloud filled days, and I’m in the dumps complaining about everything--in fact, we went from 74 degrees to 36 one day this past week, and I about lost my mind!

In spite of all the strange weather, we’ve officially declared that springtime has arrived at The Wreath Stand, and our hearts are very happy! Rachel has filled the store with tulips, hydrangeas, forsythias, bunnies, and birds. Nothing says spring quite like a window full of forsythia. These bright happy colors also make it easier for me to praise my great Creator and prepare my heart for spring and Easter.

Do you try to prepare your heart special holidays? As we look forward to Easter, I admit that I don’t put as much effort into it as I do for Christmas. At Christmastime, I usually do an advent calendar and have special things to read during the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. Last year spring, however, I made a conscious effort to prepare my heart for Easter, and I was so glad I did. 

The winter time blues hit me hard every year, but I hold onto the hope that in just six weeks, Easter will be here. We'll go from gloomy winter to bright, sunny spring. Darkness to marvelous light. Sorrow to rejoicing. And just as the birds praise Him no matter the season (even during tornado warnings) so should I. If I believe in the resurrection, which I do, then I should be the most grateful of all creation. 

With these thoughts in mind, I wanted to share a few ideas to encourage you during the Lent season:

  • Listen to uplifting Christian music and worship. I actually looked up “Easter Worship” on our Amazon Music, and there’s a playlist. You can probably find it on other music streaming sites.
  • Find a devotional that specifically focuses on Easter.

  • Read books with Easter themes. 
I love reading historical fiction when authors take you back to first century times. They truly help my heart and mind focus on Easter. Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins also have a series called The Jesus Chronicles, covering Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John's stories—it’s an amazing series.
  • Watch The Chosen. 

    I absolutely love this series and cannot recommend it enough. I'm so delighted that my husband and I are finally watching it. Right now they are on Season Three. The characters in the Bible come to life and make you appreciate the stories even more as you see Jesus and the disciples' humanity. 

    Whether you do this every year or perhaps you've never thought about preparing your heart for Easter, I hope this season becomes just as rich and glorious to you as Christmas. And as the birds continue to sing and the flowers start blooming, may you find ways to rejoice and be happy this season.

    Until next time,


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    • Felicia Mears

      I really enjoyed your heart felt blog today.
      Thank you!

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